NWOAA Logo We are the NWOAA, which stands for The Nationwide World Of American Artists Directory, which is a premium online website directory, promoting artist’s, photographer’s, and creatives throughout the 50 states in the United States.

We are here to serve visitors with the ability to easily find artistic talent that is local, or abroad across the United States.

We are here to promote, and provide our American artisan’s with opportunities for discovery, and connection with new fans and buyers of their work. We want to be a part of the success of the best artists in the United States by only listing the hardest working, and most dedicated to their craft people, who have the talent to brighten our country (and the world for any international collectors) with their creativity and artistic talent.

We serve the “art at heart” spirit of America as a talent scout, searching the internet every day, seeking out artists who create fantastic art so that we can bring the best of America’s artistic talent to art lovers everywhere.

When you follow our website, and upcoming social media channels, you can rest assured that we are bringing you the most exiting, and eye catching art and artist’s to be experienced in America.

We Art United!

About Our Invite List

It takes a lot of work to maintain an artists directory, and one of the tasks that is most important is bringing awareness to the mere existence of it. A lot of hours goes into scouting all over the internet to find great artists we think would be a great fit for our directory, and that our website visitors would love to see the most. This list, located in our left sidebar, is a revolving collection of the 10 most recent artists we contacted, and invited to join our directory. It’s not meant to imply they are coming to get listed for a long term in our directory, although we would love to provide our promotion service to them. It just means we think their art is really great and would be happy to have them listed for promotion in our directory.

We provide this list mainly for our website visitors to show our ongoing efforts to grow our artist directory, and provide a “sneak peek” connection to our viewers to discover great artists, which is our primary goal. For the artist’s that are temporarily listed, it’s our way of saying “We’re happy to promote you, even if it’s only for a few days.” This list is ever evolving, and links there are temporary, and do not include any descriptions as to what their art is about. We will leave it up to you to follow the links and be surprised at the beautiful and amazing art and artists we discover. So please check the links to discover some awesome talent, and check back often to our website to see our invited art talent discoveries, and new talent in our directory as new artists become listed.

Please note that we may at times put our invite list on a “hiatus” status to avoid prolonged exposure of links that have had several days on our website while we’re maintaining other areas of our directory.

Founder NWOAA

“I feel like there’s a place in this world for every painting painted, including digital art. I think it’s important that every useful handmade product of good quality made, finds it’s way into the hands of people who will appreciate them and use them to enrich their happiness and well being. I also feel it is important that America has one trustworthy resource on the internet for discovering great art and creative talent in America. That is why I created the NWOAA. We’re connecting American talent with buyers all over who love and support the artistic and handmade culture of living.” – David Thrift (founder of the NWOAA directory)