NWOAA Color Cards Collection

NWOAA Color Cards

We have an ongoing project on our website that is intended to be a resource for digital artists that we hope may prove useful to some people over time as the collection grows.

This is our NWOAA branded color cards collection.

Our intended purpose for them is that they can be used to sample colors in art software such as Photoshop, and also for anyone to enjoy who loves colors, and who may be able to use them as inspiration in art creation.

We are distributing these color card images one at a time on our blog through our Color Of The Day, however the individual posts on our blog for these color cards aren’t intended to remain permanent in our blog (which is why we don’t approve comments on those posts for anyone who may have ever wondered about that).

We are designing these images at 700 X 900 pixels, because we may put all of these images in a ebook at some point in the future and that is the image size we use for full page images in our publications.

If you need different size images for a personal project, please feel free to sample the colors or use the color codes imprinted on the color cards to produce your own color images.

Honestly we do not know how many of these color cards we will end up producing and we don’t want our blog overflowing or taken over by this material which could make it harder to find other content since these are posted on a daily basis, so we have created this page to serve as an index for the color card selections we’ve posted each month since starting in September 2017.

You may find the link to sets 1 and 2 below.

NWOAA Color Cards Set #1

NWOAA Color Cards Set #2

We will update this page again at some point in December 2017 with the next set.

You can always find the newest color cards posted on our blog in the Color Of The Day category.

If you wish to link to this page on your website, you have permission to use the image at the top of this page in your blog post. Please feel free to resize it how you wish and thank you.

NWOAA Logo The color of the day has been a free content feature running on our blog since Thursday, August 31st, 2017. We hope that you may find these color cards we made useful in your art inspiration, and want to say thanks to all the artists out there creating such great works of art. We are the Nationwide World Of American Artists, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out how we can promote your work, and get listed for discovery and promotion.