Get Listed In The Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Directory Today

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We are excited to start our new journey in artist promotion and we have an awesome value with a one time listing fee for our first 100 directory listing buyers. With your one time $120.00 $30.00 listing fee, this is what you get:

  • Lifetime directory listing categorized by your state of residence in the United States while you’re in business. Please note, after we sign on our first 100 directory listing members, all new members will be required a yearly fee for one year of listing service. Founding directory members who sign on with our original fee will not be affected and will retain their lifetime listings for the length of their business and will never be charged another listing fee unless at some point they leave the directory and then decide to come back. So now is the time to get listed while this special offer is still available.
  • Promotion through our newsletters. This includes a “new to our directory” mention with your directory listing information in the next upcoming newsletter, and this information will also get periodic random mentions in our future newsletters or blog posts.
  • Your new directory listing will be featured on our home page through our new listings rotation. When first featured, a large photo will be used to honor you as our newest directory listing, and then as new directory listings are made, a smaller photo will be used on the page under the newest members, moving down a spot as new members are added.
  • You are allowed up to three images for your directory listing.
  • Your bio text is unlimited (although we recommend keeping it short to keep visitor interest and make them want to visit your website – after all the goal is to get traffic to your site so they can dig in, and learn about you and your work there – but that is only our opinion and it is totally up to you how much or how little you say in your directory listing bio). Tell your entire story in your directory listing if you want. Who you are, where you’re from, what your art or photography is about, who your favorite artists may be, or who inspires you in your art.
  • Contact info: We will list only the info you instruct us to add (website, phone number, email – we recommend just adding your website link and links to your social media and let your customers find your other contact info on your personal website – but that is totally up to you).


  • If you are active on Twitter, we will follow you, and we will occasionally retweet your new artwork or photography when you post it to our twitter timeline as additional promotion for you.
  • In addition to promoting your work on twitter, if you are on instagram, and your instagram account is connected to your twitter account, we can go to your instagram page when we see you have posted a new photo for your works in progress or new completed work, and pull your content to post in your listing occasionally as well as in our blog posts. This is done by embedding your photo posts from instagram by use of share url’s (the web address for your photos on instagram). Your photos and info you post/write on instagram would appear on our site as embedded content, however would not be stored on our site.
  • NEW BONUS: We’re considering a possible large feature section in our upcoming downloadable directory publication where we would feature artists work with anywhere from 5 to 20 photos of their work. For you, this could be a great asset to bringing awareness of your work to help bring you new fans and buyers. For us, we foresee that it would help us create a beautiful and attractive publication that people will come to love and grow interest in. We must have your permission to consider you for this feature however as we know some artists will not want to have that many photos of their work to be published. You will need to indicate “yes” or “no” for this in the application below to indicate that you want to participate or decline. Bear in mind this is a bonus feature that does not guarantee in which issue of our publication your work would appear on a large scale if chosen. Also bear in mind that at this time this is not a confirmed part of our promotion service, but is an idea in consideration. If you are interested and type “yes” in the application for this bonus promotion should we work it into our program, then you grant us full permission to choose photos from your website or web store to be used in our publication.

Submission Requirements.

  • As this directory is intended for United States artist promotion, you must be an American artist, residing in the U.S. to be listed on this directory. It is ok if your work requires traveling outside the U.S. (this is expected to apply to photographers)
  • We are currently pushing to build our directory with professional artists, and a requirement we have to distinguish that, is that artists must have an established website with portfolio available to view (.com preferred). This doesn’t mean we won’t accept less established artists currently, and in that case, it really depends on your work and how/where you are presenting it online (such as etsy only, a social media channel only, etc.). (Please note: if we have contacted you already, then your artwork is already approved for our directory, and we just need you to fill out the application below so that we can begin the process of getting you listed).
  • Your images must be at least 700 pixels wide to fit our blog format please.
  • No watermarks on your images is preferred for your directory listing please. We will place our “member of” logo along with a copyright symbol (©) with your name on it for protection, promotion recognition to our followers, keeping our format in order, and driving traffic to our website which in turn helps us drive traffic to yours. Please see the photo at the bottom of this page to see how your images will be watermarked.

We will provide information to you via email on how to supply us with the necessary photos and information we need to create your directory listing once your payment has been received.

We accept payments for a directory listing through PayPal invoices, sent from PayPal. We are very serious about the promotion service we offer, which can sometimes be very time consuming, and we do not wish to waste any artists, crafters, or photographers time, nor our own. Therefore we do not offer refunds on our directory listings. We do however allow a two week due date from the date we send an invoice to give you time to make your expected payment. We feel that is a completely fair policy due to the amount of time it takes to add listings and the work we put into promoting your amazing art.

We work with serious artists only. Please do not submit the application below unless you are certain you are ready to join our directory and pay for your directory listing. Once we send an invoice to you, payment is expected to begin processing your entry into our directory. An unpaid invoice could result in having your art business banned from our promotion services indefinitely. If you have any questions about joining our directory, please do not hesitate to use our Support page for assistance with any details about our promotion services before filling out our directory listing application. Thanks for your understanding on this matter as we must manage our time to offer our clients the best possible service.

Please note that when you send your application, we will respond to the email you provide in the application that we received your information, and whether or not we can feature you in our directory. If you meet our requirements, we will also inform you that a PayPal invoice will be sent to you for payment.

Artisans we’ve already corresponded with will already know they are accepted to our directory and the same process applies.

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for our response to your application during weekdays. Weekends may take a little longer, however every effort is made to respond as quickly as possible.

How to submit your website or web store for review and listing consideration:

Use the contact form below to submit the information we need.

If you would like to view a listing to see our listing format to help you decide on getting in our directory, please visit Mystic Reflections.

We thank you for your consideration to get listed in our artist directory, and look forward to helping you get your work discovered, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Photo by: Jakob Owens on UnSplash.