Credits & Acknowledgements

Thank You

The Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Directory would like to say thanks, and give credit to the following services that we use to help us make our website, and service attractive, enjoyable, and productive.

For Our Website Backgrounds

Patterncooler: A very cool online seamless background pattern generator. We love it because it’s super easy to create and save multicolor and multisize background images with just a few clicks. We anticipate to use this for a long time.

For Our Website Headers

Unsplash: We love having a different header image appear at the top of our website with each page load. We get our stock photos from Unsplash which provides access to thousands of high resolution images from some very kind photographers that anyone can download and use for just about anything.

For Helping Us Gaurd Comment Spam

Akismet: Here at the NWOAA directory, we’re a bit guarded in the amounts and types of comments we allow on our website, and spam can certainly be a hellish force to reckon with if not maintained regularly. With the help of Akismet however, we hardly have to do a thing to guard against unwanted comment spam. It’s already included for WordPress blogs on, however if you are self hosting a WordPress domain, then you need to get Akismet right away if not already using it.

For Helping Us Stay Productive

AZZ Cardfile: This is the most used organizational and website management program in our blogging tool belt. It has many uses for any project.

Google Keep: We use this awesome note app extensively for managing blog ideas, creating various lists, “link hopping” from one device to another, and we love being able to access all our notes on whichever device we’re working on at any given time.

Snapito: A nifty website screenshot grabber.