DIY Folding Paper Fans

Paper fans have been around for ages, most notably known in oriental cultures. They come in all different colors, shapes, and materials. Some even have ornamental paintings and pictures on them. Some folks even collect these fans, or hang them on a wall for decoration. You’ve probably made one of some sort at some point in your life, maybe grade school when you were a child.

We’re bringing this post to inspire artistic creativity in making homemade paper fans. These in particular are a round style fan that you can easily make in an afternoon or longer, depending on your work flow, and how much detail you put into your project.

Check out the video below from MayMayMadeIt for some inspiring ideas on how to create some really neat handmade paper folding fans using scrapbook paper, and edge cutters.

We would like to add our own suggestions for artists out there who may want to get a little more grundgy and create some super cool, and very personalized paper fans for their own use, or even to give away as gifts.

  1. Use cardstock paper for a sturdier fan. It will be a little harder to make your folds, but your fan will last much longer.
  2. If you’re stocked up on spray paint, you could spray some awesome abstract art on your paper before folding.
  3. In line with the previous suggestion, you could use sharpie markers, a pen, or a pencil and draw something really cool on your paper before folding.
  4. Cut out photos from a favorite magazine, or book, and glue them to your paper (even make a collage) before folding.
  5. Make a basket full of fans. Put them on your coffee table, and invite your guests to take one as a departing gift when they leave. They’ll love having something so unusual given to them that you created.

If you want to spend some time learning more about paper fans, please visit this link on wikipedia.

We hope this page inspired the artist in you to get creative and make something fun. We are the Nationwide World Of American Artists, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out what we do, and get listed for discovery and promotion.

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