Art Raid #5

Here is our latest art haul in round #5 of our “Art Raid” series. We love abstract art and we go on instagram and search posts tagged as #abstractpainting, and find ten favorite new abstracts posted there that are the most eye catching to us, and bring them to you for your enjoyment and your own discovery of new art, and artists.

Note: these are random pickings of art. We are not affiliated with the artists who produced the art, meaning they are not in our directory. Although we are in the market for promoting United States residence artists, some of these may be international artists. We do not check this due to time contraints. We just want everyone interested to see some great art, and if tribute is made to some great international artists then we’re ok with that, and hope they enjoy the free showing of their work. These images and info along with them are not stored on our website. These are pulled directly from instagram via share url in which wordpress processes into embeded placement on our page. Copyrights belong to the respective owners listed with each artwork. Please enjoy.

We hope that you enjoy these artworks as much as we do and want to say thanks to all the artists out there creating such great works of art. We are the Nationwide World Of American Artists, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out what we do, and get listed for discovery and promotion.

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