Color Of The Day #63 – Liberty #52489c

Color Of The Day #63 - Liberty #52489c

We love colors here at the Nationwide World Of American Artists Directory, and we’re continuing our color of the day series on our blog with today’s new color. For artists inspiration we’re producing free color of the day digital “color cards” and posting one each day. Think of them as paint color sample cards you find at your favorite paint store, only these can be used for sampling directly with your art software (photoshop, etc.), or try to match the colors with your real paint.

We’ve included the RGB, CMYK, as well as the HTML HEX color codes, and we hope you find these images useful in your art inspiration. Please feel free to save this, and all of our color cards to your computer for your own personal use.

We also have a selection of talk show podcasts, as well as some music selections to listen to on our blog. These are primarily on our site for artists to listen to while working on their art, however anyone may feel free to listen. Stop by our homepage to see our newest art talent in the directory.

The color of the day has been a free content feature running on our blog since Thursday, August 31st, 2017. We hope that you may find this color card we made useful in your art inspiration, and want to say thanks to all the artists out there creating such great works of art. We are the Nationwide World Of American Artists, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out how we can promote your work, and get listed for discovery and promotion.

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