Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Color Of The Day #86 – Pullman Green #30321c

It’s time to share our color of the day. In this post we would like to recognize our directory member, Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections who creates beautifully detailed fantasy art sculptures from polymer clay. We’ll have more info on her work for you toward the end of this post, but first lets get on with our topic concerning our color cards collection and featured color of the day.

Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Color Of The Day #86 - Pullman Green #30321c

Our color of the day continues on with the distribution of our digital color cards. Thanks for joining us this morning. We post these color cards every day at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time and we hope these bring some happiness to start your day. These are color sample images intended for use by digital artists who can sample the colors in their art software such as Photoshop, Artrage, Sketchbook, etc, and also for anyone who just loves colors.

These color cards are created by David Thrift, founder of this directory, and who loves all the colors in this world we live in.

All of the blog posts containing color cards we put on site in September of this year have been removed from the blog on our website, however the cards are still available in the collection we’re building and can be accessed by clicking over to our Color Cards Index. By the end of November we will have a total of 92 color cards available both in the index and blog posts, and we will continue cycling out blog posts with these colors in effort to keep our blog tidy, and build the collection on the index. We’ll post the cards for October to the Color Cards Index page very soon. For now you may find them in the Color Of The Day section of our blog.

In some other news, if you haven’t stopped by our home page lately and saw the latest announcement about us developing a download version of our artist directory in pdf format, here it is: Since our directory is in it’s “infant” stage, we have decided as an additional perk of our artist promotion service on our website, that we will produce a downloadable pdf directory, free for downloading to all our website visitors to promote our directory members. We’re looking at this to be published four times a year starting in January 2018 (Winter issue), in April 2018 (Spring issue), July 2018 (Summer issue), and October 2018 (Autumn issue). Each additional issue would be published in the same months each year after accordingly. We think this would be a valuable asset of promotion for the artists in our directory and a great document for our visitors who love the simplicity of “catalog shopping”. More news to come about this as we progress on this project. Also, we apologize that we haven’t posted our second newsletter yet. We’ve been very busy building our website’s content to offer our best service possible to the artisan’s we represent, as well as our visitors discovering this website, and who we hope will continue to visit and find new artist’s to become fans of and buy artwork, and handcrafted products from.

Mystic Reflections Polymer Clay Sculpture That’s it for this post, however we would also like for you to visit Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections who creates beautifully detailed fantasy art sculptures from polymer clay, and then hand paints them herself. Her detailed creations will take you to a new world of imagination. She never uses a mold and every figurine varies in size and uniqueness. We’re sure you will want to collect every figurine she has created if you love fantasy art.

NWOAA Logo The color of the day has been a free content feature running on our blog since Thursday, August 31st, 2017. We hope that you may find these color cards we made useful in your art inspiration, and want to say thanks to all the artists out there creating such great works of art. This is the Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Directory, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out how we can promote your work, and get listed for discovery and promotion.

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