NWOAA Color Cards – Set #2

This is our archive of all the color cards we produced and posted in October 2017. There are 30 color cards in this set. Please feel free to save them to your computer for personal use.

Color Of The Day #53 - British Racing Green #034732

Color Of The Day #54 - Spanish Viridian #008148

Color Of The Day #55 - Acid Green #c6c013

Color Of The Day #56 - Carrot Orange #ef8a17

Color Of The Day #57 - Red (RYB) #ef2917

Color Of The Day #58 - Gray (X11 Gray) #c0bcb5

Color Of The Day #59 - Deep Space Sparkle #4a6c6f

Color Of The Day #60 - Chinese Violet #846075

Color Of The Day #61 - Deep Puce #af5d63

To find out the purpose of these color cards if you aren’t already aware of why we are making them, please visit our NWOAA Color Cards Collection archive. If this is your first visit to this artists directory, please go over to our About page to learn more about how we work to promote artistic and creative talent in the United States. Twitter is our social media of choice and you may follow us there @nwoaart to keep up with all of our content updates, and art promotion.

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