The Nationwide World Of American Artists Directory And Magazine Publication Issue #1 Is Now Available

NWOAA Directory 1 Front Cover

Download our brand new NWOAA Directory & Magazine Publication – Issue #1. This free PDF is 787 pages, and 185mb’s. It features a letter from the NWOAA founder, our digital color cards, quotes from Pablo Picasso, and tons of featured photography for you to enjoy. This is a direct download. No email required.

Here is the complete list of contents in this issue:

1. Letter From The Directory Owner . . . 5
2. Newest Artists . . . 8
3. Artist’s In Georgia . . . 13
4. Computer Generated Art . . . 15
5. Upcoming Movies In 2018 – January Through March . . . 67
6. Pablo Picasso Art Quotes . . . 101
7. Color Cards For Digital Artists And Color Lovers . . . 105
8. UnSplashed Photographer’s Appreciation . . . 200
9. David Marcu Photography . . . 201
10. Samuel Scrimshaw Photography . . . 256
11. Andrew Neel Photography . . . 282
12. Joshua Fuller Photography . . . 337
13. Kalen Emsley Photography . . . 451
14. Jakob Owens Photography . . . 472
15. NWOAA Classified Ads . . . 783
16. Coming Up In Issue 2 . . . 784
17. Credits . . . 786


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Thanks to everyone who downloads and views our first publication. We’ve put a lot of work into building this website, and pushing out a near 800 page publication since starting in August 2017. We are amazed and very grateful to everyone who has followed our website and social media in such a short time and that has shown interest in our services. 2018 will be a big year for us as it marks the first year that we really dive into helping artists connect with you, the art fans who love and support contemporary art in America. It is not just the artists we’re working to promote and provide exposure of their amazing artworks for, but also our site and publication readers that we are striving to provide a great service to. Without our directory members and our site readers, our promotions services would not exist. Please enjoy this first issue of The Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Directory & Magazine Publication.

Our Quarterly Publishing Schedule For 2018

January 1st, 2018 (Winter issue)
April 1st, 2018 (Spring issue)
July 1st, 2018 (Summer issue)
October 1st, 2018 (Autumn issue)

Art And Photo Submissions Now Being Accepted For Featuring In Our Directory Publication

Submit A Photo

We have a new OPEN SUBMISSIONS opportunity for artist’s and photographer’s who are interested in having a photo or artwork featured in our quarterly publication.

Submission Categories:

Art – (Nearly any subject of art is fine including still life, abstract, fan art, digital art, moderate/tasteful nudes, nature, landscapes, sunsets, some holiday art, etc.)

Photography – (including photos of nearly anything – landscapes, oceanic, beaches, sunsets, sunrises, house plants, still life, even moderate/tasteful nudes.)

These open submissions are welcomed from both United States artist’s, and photographer’s as well as international (this is currently the only international opportunity we offer).

Please include a short description with your name, location, and subject matter of your photography and art.

Please make sure before submitting any photo or art that you are aware that any photo you submit to us of a photographic subject, or art subject, can be published in our quarterly publication, and possibly on our website for promotion of our directory.

Your image may be viewed and enjoyed by thousands of people during it’s presentation period which could last multiple years if published on our website.

Your photo and artwork may also be published in more than one issue (for example we may do a “looking back” type of feature in a future issue where a previous submission would be published again, or could be featured in multiple back to back issues if we really enjoy the subject of the image submitted).

There is no monetary reward for these free open submissions, only the benefit and credit to you of being able to say that your photo was featured in our publication.

These submissions are being accepted with the intentions of bringing interests to the arts and to help us build a publication that can be enjoyed by hundreds, or thousands of viewers.

Photos used in our publication will include your name, location, and description of the image. We cannot include any website or social media with your submission in this part of our publication as this would conflict with our directory listings product.

Important!!! Please ensure that you only submit photos and artwork that is yours, and yours only, as we do not want to cause any issue of copyright infringements among the artisan’s community with these open door submissions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on that issue.

You will find the information you need below to submit your photo and art images to us for consideration to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Nationwide World Of American Artist’s Directory Publication.

Submit A Photo Or Art

Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Color Of The Day #75 – Oxford Blue #002642

It’s time to share our color of the day. In this post we would like to recognize our directory member, Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections who creates beautifully detailed fantasy art sculptures from polymer clay. We’ll have more info on her work for you toward the end of this post, but first lets get on with our topic concerning our color cards collection and featured color of the day.

Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Color Of The Day #75 - Oxford Blue #002642

Our color of the day continues on with the distribution of our digital color cards. All of the blog posts containing color cards we put on site in September of this year have been removed from our blog, however the cards are still available as a collection and can be accessed by clicking over to our Color Cards Index. By the end of November we will have a total of 92 color cards available both in the index and blog posts, and we will continue cycling out blog posts with these colors in effort to keep our blog tidy, and build the collection on the index.

Mystic Reflections Polymer Clay Sculpture That’s it for this post, however we would also like for you to visit Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections who creates beautifully detailed fantasy art sculptures from polymer clay, and then hand paints them herself. Her detailed creations will take you to a new world of imagination. She never uses a mold and every figurine varies in size and uniqueness. We’re sure you will want to collect every figurine she has created if you love fantasy art.

NWOAA Logo The color of the day has been a free content feature running on our blog since Thursday, August 31st, 2017. We hope that you may find these color cards we made useful in your art inspiration, and want to say thanks to all the artists out there creating such great works of art. This is the Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA) Directory, and we invite all United States artists, photographers, and creatives to find out how we can promote your work, and get listed for discovery and promotion.

FREE Opportunities To Get Featured On Our Website

Free promotion is always great right!? This is an official {UNOFFICIAL} announcement for new opportunities for exposure and visibility for artists, crafters, and bloggers to get some mention and promotion on our website for FREE.

NWOAA Free Promotion

Our primary function above anything else we may post on our website is for the promotion of American resident artists and crafters who have long term listings in our directory.

We’re currently in the planning phase of building some great offers to allow artists, creators, and bloggers a chance to get featured in prime locations on our website for free with short time, but excellent opportunity for exposure as our website grows.

Please see below how these opportunities could benefit you.

Artists and Crafters

These opportunities for artists and crafters will include an “Artist Of The Day” feature in one of our sidebars that will be visible on site at all times regardless of what page or post a visitor is on. That will mean for one whole day while you are featured, anyone who visits our website that particular day would see a photo of your work and a link to your website or web store where you are selling your art and creations. As with our directory listing standards, these opportunities will only be available to artisan’s of the United States.


For bloggers in the United States who help us get the word out about our website, we’re expanding our promotion efforts just a little bit outside of our intended purpose of artistic and creative promotion for artists and crafters to give back to the blogging community as there is art in writing and blogging also. Anyone willing to write a blog post about our service and link to our site, directing visitors to learn about us could be considered to be featured in a new “Blog Of The Week” feature we’re planning to start at the beginning of 2018 (pending participation). This would include a website screenshot of your blog/website with a link to your site in a sidebar on our website for an entire week along with a blog post that will remain on our website for as long as your blog post about us remains on your website or blog. We know that there are great bloggers worldwide, however as our project for art and crafting talent remains for promotion of U.S. talent, we’re limiting this opportunity to U.S. resident bloggers only.

We apologize as information about these opportunities and how to apply for them is limited at this time, but if these upcoming chances for free promotion interests you, please check back to our website over the next couple of weeks for more information to come, and follow us on twitter @nwoaart for all of our updates.

This announcement was made on Friday, October 20th, 2017.

Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. — James M. Barrie

We think that quote applies perfectly to everyone who enjoys creating, and we’re looking forward to the opportunities to help you grow your art, craft, and blogging adventures, as well as our own along with you.

Hello America!!

It is a beautiful day here in Alabama today to announce that we are open for promotion service to talented artists and photographers in the United States. We purchased our domain on Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. CST, which was the day of the 2017 solar eclipse that swept across our states. The event symbolically marked a new adventure for us, and we’ve been working hard to get our website in order to start working to build our directory. Now, just six days later, here we are. Please read on to find out what our purpose is.

We are the NWOAA, which stands for The Nationwide World Of American Artists Directory, which is a premium online website directory, promoting artist’s, photographer’s, and creatives throughout the 50 states in the United States.

We are here to serve visitors with the ability to easily find artistic talent that is local, or abroad across the United States.

We are here to diligently promote, and provide our American artisan’s with opportunities for discovery, and connection with new fans and buyers of their work. We want to be a part of the success of the best artists in the United States by only listing the hardest working, and most dedicated to their craft people, who have the talent to brighten our country (and the world for any international collectors) with their creativity and artistic talent.

We serve the “art at heart” spirit of America as a talent scout, searching the internet every day, seeking out artists who create fantastic art so that we can bring the best of America’s artistic talent to art lovers everywhere.

When you follow our website, and upcoming social media channels, you can rest assured that we are bringing you the most exiting, and eye catching art and artist’s to be experienced in America.

We Art United!

We are now open for directory listing submissions and anxiously waiting to start adding new talents. Please follow our blog (which serves as our directory and upcoming newsletters for updates).

Photo by: Jakob Owens on UnSplash. (not actually one of our members – it’s just a sample photo to show our clients our watermark style for our promotion program)

Artists and photographers click here for details on how to join our directory.

All other visitors keep checking back as we’re going full speed ahead to bring you the best artists and photography in the United States. Please tell your friends to visit as well, and if you know any artists or photographers who may be interested in our promotion service, please tell them about our website, and we thank you in advance.

You may follow us also on twitter @nwoaart.