Get Featured As Our Guest Artist Of The Week

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This page is for artists, crafters, and photographers interested in applying for FREE promotion in our Guest Artist Of The Week Program.

Thank you for your consideration to allow us a possibility to feature your work in our Guest Artist Of The Week Program that could get your work featured for an entire week on our website for FREE.

As an Arts & Humanities website, our primary function above anything else we may post on our website is for the promotion of American resident artists, crafters, and photographers who have long term listings in our directory.

We are also offering an additional opportunity for a chance to get featured in prime locations on our website for free with short time (one week), but excellent opportunity for exposure as our website grows.

This opportunity is open to artists, photographers, and crafters alike, as all of these talents fall under art in one way or another.

FOR FREE, AND FOR ONE WEEK, we will post one photo representing your work, a link to your website or webstore (such as Etsy, ArtFire, etc.), and a short bio of 300 characters or less describing your work. All of this would appear in a sidebar location on our website which would be visible to every visitor who comes to our website regardless of which page or post they may be viewing since our website is responsive to all modern devices and browsers.

Requirements To Apply For Our Guest Artist Of The Week Program

  • You agree and understand that this promotion opportunity is for United States resident artisan’s only, and that you reside in and produce your work in the United States.
  • You agree to allow us to choose one photo from your website or webstore (whichever url you provide).
  • You agree that we may resize the photo to fit in our sidebar (260 pixel width and height will be proportional to that width).
  • You agree that we may post your photo, description of 300 characters or less, and link to your url for one week in our sidebar.
  • You agree that based on participation, your information may be posted more than once in rotation to keep this program in continuation, provided we have no other artists waiting in que.
  • You agree to provide all of the information required in the contact form application below in order to be considered in this program.
  • You agree to submit the information we need only once using the application below (we will receive the correspondence, we promise).
  • You agree that due to the hours spent maintaining the directory, we will not respond to the applications received.
  • You agree that submitting your information does not guarantee that your work will be featured, or if it is, that we cannot give you any timeframe of such event, and that we do offer service for long term residence in our directory if you wish to get listed right away (and enjoy additional benefits). If you would prefer that service over this free opportunity, you can get started here.

Please Fill Out The Application Below For Consideration Into Our Guest Artist Of The Week Program

Once again we thank you for your consideration to become a featured Guest Artist Of The Week. We plan to start presenting this program in rotation as soon as we get at least two participants.