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We would like to invite you to join our directory for promotion. We are the Nationwide World Of American Artists (NWOAA), a brand new directory dedicated to promoting artists of all creative talents in the United States. Painters, digital artists, photographers, t-shirt art designers, wood workers, metal workers, mixed media artists, fiber artists such as knitters, crocheters, cross stitchers, embroiderers, sewers, jewelry makers etc., who are serious about their business and produce awesome work for sale are welcome to join our directory. We have a low one time fee which includes a directory listing in your state, with up to three images to show your style of work, a bio, links to your website and social media. We also will occasionally write about your work in our newsletters.

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There are millions of great artists on this planet, however as an American run directory founded by a United States military veteran who loves art, we believe in supporting handmade products and art produced first and only in America. By buying American talent, you are supporting America.

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8 Photographers Who Captured the Youth Culture of the 90’s

Around the web with the NWOAA bringing you the best articles for your reading pleasure. {Artsy Editorial – By Molly Gottschalk – Jul 21st, 2016} Excerpt: “It’s hard to imagine the 1990s without Corinne Day’s portrait of a forlorn, 15-year-old Kate Moss striking a pose in skimpy silk underwear, following a fight with her then-boyfriend. Or Larry Clark’s decade-defining film Kids (1995), which blew the lid off a drug-fueled, sex-obsessed band of New York City teenagers. In the ’90s, documenting real life became increasingly en vogue, for better or for worse. Fashion shoots favored grunge over glamorized, staged tableaux, and photographers pointed their lenses to their realities and the fraught issues of the time—including identity politics and the AIDS crisis, among others. In the midst of our current nostalgia for the 20th century’s final decade, and the last generation to experience a world without omnipresent technology, we look to eight photographers who captured the zeitgeist of ’90s youth.” Photo credit: Photo Credit: Ryan McGinley, Car Service, 1999. [View On Artsy]

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