Ultimate Classic & Old Skool Funky Disco House Anthems (Part 1) : In the Mix with DJ EPhunk


Here we go with a brand new category on our blog called “Jams On Youtube”. It’s another music category where we will be posting dance/house/electro/trance dj mixes for your listening pleasure while you’re creating art (for the artists out there), or anyone just chillin’ out.


01.) Basement Jaxx – Jus 1 Kiss (Isley Bootleg Mix) 00:00
02.) M&S pres. The Girl Next Door – Salsoul Nugget (Vocal Mix) 03:01
03.) Illicit – Sneaky Armada WHITE LABEL 07:30
04.) Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin’ (Original Mix) 10:01
05.) David Morales pres. The Face feat. Juliet Roberts – Needin’ U II (2001 Anthem Mix) 12:48
06.) Pete Heller – Big Love (Extended Original) 17:20
07.) Pure Sugar – Delicious (Vission & Lorimer Klub Mix #1) 21:11
08.) Ray Krebbs – The Rocket (Without Ray) 24:50
09.) Jess & Crabbe – Big Booya (Original Mix) 28:22
10.) Deep – Take You to Love (Arnie’s Mix) 31:01
11.) Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden – What You Need (Full Intention Power Mix) 34:10
12.) Danny Tenaglia vs. Basement Jaxx – Fly Life is the Answer 39:28
13.) Hatiras – Spaced Invader (Olav Basoski Remix) 42:39
14.) DJ Eric – We are Love (Gridlock Vocal Mix) 45:33
15.) Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Original Edit) 47:50
16.) Michael Moog – That Sound (Full Intention Club) 52:07
17.) Phunkie Souls – Tha Music (Floats Your Cares Away) 56:24
18.) Nu-Amour – Love You (Nolita Club Mix) 58:40
19.) Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty feat. Loleatta Holloway – Chocolate Sensation (Force Mix) 1:02:31
20.) Stonebridge vs. Twin – Calling (Stonebridge Mix) 1:05:27
21.) Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission feat. Devon’e – Alright (Vission vs. Dawn Vocal Mix) 1:10:14
22.) Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers – All I Do (Original Club Mix) 1:13:50
23.) Hi Phazers – I Know (Main Mix) 1:18:15
24.) DB Boulevard – Point of View (Milk & Sugar Vocal Remix) 1:22:02
25.) Oris Jay pres. Delsena – Trippin’ (Agent Sumo’s Body & Seoul Mix) 1:26:27
26.) The Ones – Flawless (Reremix of Phunk Investigation) 1:29:44
27.) Raven Maize – The Real Life (Club Mix) 1:33:00
28.) Spiller – Groovejet (If this Ain’t Love) (Spiller’s Ext. Vocal Mix) 1:36:28
29.) Ian Pooley – 900 Degrees (Pooley’s New Mix) 1:40:00
30.) Junior Jack – My Feeling (Original Kick N’ Deep Mix) 1:42:52
31.) The Bucketheads – The Bomb (Original Edit) 1:46:30
32.) Daddy’s Favourite – I Feel Good Things for You (Original Mix) 1:50:01

DJ Lange – Create 001


With this post we are starting a new series of music players featuring trance/electronic podcasts and dj mix sets added to our site (thanks to the power of SoundCloud and WordPress). We wanted to provide some music for artists (or just anyone who loves electronic music) to listen to while working on their artwork or just hanging out. We’re really into Lange’s Create podcast series. So we decided to start with the very first episode to get this music party started. We’ll be adding more from this series as well as other music podcasts and long play dj mix sets as time goes on. So turn your speakers up, click that play button, and get busy working on your art, or twiddling your thumbs while you relax to the tunes.

Broadcast Date: July 15th, 2015


01 Ferry Corsten – Find A Way
02 LTN & Eranga feat. Katty Heath – Dont Push Me Back (Estiva Remix)
03 Lange & Susana vs Frost Raven – Aphrodite vs Risk worth taking (Lange Mashup)
04 Stephen Kirkwood – Homeland (Original Mix
05 Lange – Formula None (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [Masterpiece]
06 Quincy Weigert – Sweet Sugar Sin [Create Mix]
07 Nhato – Ondine
08 Ferry Corsten – Homeward
09 Menno de Jong – Abhyasa (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
10 Orkidea – Redemption (Tempo Giusto Remix)
11 Antony Waldhorn – The Ancients (Original Mix)
12 Airscape vs Peetu S – Pianomatic (Airscape Festival Mix)
13 Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix) [Classic]

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If for any reason the player doesn’t work, it could be because the dj removed the mix from SoundCloud. We would appreciate it if you let us know if there is a problem by commenting below and we’ll check it out, and/or remove from our site if necessary.

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Clublife by Tiësto Podcast

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