TechRadar’s Guide To The Best Portable Music Players

TechRadar MP3 Players

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Why would you need an MP3 player today?

Despite the popularity of smartphones in today’s tech world, and the convenience they give us for listening to music (among other things) from our own personal music collections (all those mp3’s we’ve been collecting for years), plus all the great music apps we can use such as Spotify (my chosen music app), Google Music, Amazon, etc., MP3 players are not dead. If you really love music, they are still the best dedicated music device to have if all you want to do is listen to your music without being tied to your phone. In my case, I love my mp3 player because it is smaller than my phone, and I can escape completely away from my phone. I can just dive into my music without running my phone battery down or hearing distracting notifications from other things on my phone while trying to listen to my music.

Today I am bringing you a link to an article by Christian de Looper at TechRadar (the source for tech buying advice) who can give you a few more reasons to consider having an mp3 player in your tech life, and show you some nice models to consider owning. The article is titled “Best MP3 Players: TechRadar’s guide to the best portable music players” and you can click this link to read it on TechRadar’s website. Christian not only shows you some great MP3 player options, but also includes links to full reviews of these devices to help you determine if they could suit your needs.

I would like to add that I have purchased some great low cost mp3 players on ebay, particularly Ruizu brand mp3 players that have suited me just fine for every day use of sorting through and listening to my own personal collection of thousands of mp3’s I have.

Mystic Reflections Polymer Clay Sculpture That’s it for this post, however we would also like for you to visit Caralyn Edwards of Mystic Reflections who creates beautifully detailed fantasy art sculptures from polymer clay, and then hand paints them herself. Her detailed creations will take you to a new world of imagination. She never uses a mold and every figurine varies in size and uniqueness. We’re sure you will want to collect every figurine she has created if you love fantasy art.

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